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14 x Boxes of Kindling. £2.75/ Box . (inc. delivery)
14 x Boxes of Kindling. £2.75/ Box. Kiln Dried below 10% moisture content for easy lighting Instant Lighting Long Lasting Handy Boxes Dust Free Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ Sourced locally from FSC® 100% well managed Forests Our market-leading Kiln Dried Kindling is...
£44.00 from £38.50
Concentrated Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser
Concentrated liquid seaweed fertiliser, rich in macronutrients and trace elements. Ideal for naturally stimulating plant growth and promoting disease resistance in grass, fruiting plants and vegetables. 100% natural product Promotes strong root development Improves plant tolerance of environmental and Biological...
from £6.50
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