Slug Gone 1L / 3.5L
Natural, organic wool slug and snail barrierMinute fibres are an irritant to slugs and snailsContains slow release nutrients and helps improve moisture retention
from £3.50
Doff 2 in 1 Rose & Shrub Shield 1L
Free from pesticides, for use on ornamental plants Controls a wide range of bugs and fungus Works by physical mode of action, so pests do not develop a resistance
Doff 2 in 1 Bug & Fungus Control 1L
Free from pesticides, for use on vegetables and flowers Controls Whitefly, Greenfly, Blackfly, Red Spidermite and Powdery Mildew Works by physical mode of action, so pests do not develop a resistance
Doff Fly & Wasp Killer 300ml
Effective fast-acting aerosol Kills flies, wasps and other flying insects For use in domestic premises Permethrin & Tetramethrin
Doff Spider & Insect Killer
Instant results Kills spiders and crawling insects Can be used as a repellent
Doff Foam Wasp Nest Kill
Rapid knockdown action Kills wasps in their nest Permethrin & Tetramethrin
Tepro Brentwood Fire Basket
Tepro Brentwood Fire Basket A fireplace helps create a unique atmosphere on your patio or in your garden. Start a fire on chilly evenings so you can grill with your friends late into the night. The fireplace "Brentwood" perfectly combines...
"Apple Green Crystal" Mini Kettle Grill BBQ
Compact and vibrant charcoal BBQ - perfect for days out, picnics or camping Grill surface: approx. 29 cm Ø 1 chrome plated cooking grid with removable handle Powder coated lid Stainless steel lid handle with heat isolating rubber coating Powder...
Square Fire Pit & BBQ Grill
Square Fire Pit & BBQ Grill Suitable for burning charcoal, coal, softwood or hardwood, stylish fire pit has a square and pyramid design which is sure to be the centrepiece of any garden or patio. It is manufactured from steel...
40cm Square Fire Pit
This square design fire basket is manufactured from durable & robust steel construction with an integral base plate to collect embers. For outdoor use only, it is suitable for burning all solid fuels. Approx Size: L40cm x W40cm x H40cm.
Tomato Pot 33cm - Living Black
Created with nature in mind and made with own wind energyEasy care thanks to the built-in water reservoirThis lightweight pot can be moved around with ease.Follow your plant’s growth and adjust the rack to allow the branches to grow higher...
Miracle-Gro Natural 4-in-1 80m2/260m2
Enjoy a greener lawn in just 14 days Natural & Pesticide-free Unique combination of 100 percent plant based vital nutrients - Child & Pet Friendly Prevents growth of new weeds + fights moss within 2-4weeks Plant based packaging, made from...
Growmore 2.5kg
Popular general purpose fertiliser for use all around the gardenContains a balanced blend of three major plant foodsPromotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables as well as beautiful flowersAlso ideal as a pre-seeding fertiliser for use before laying turf or...
"Tucson" Kettle Grill BBQ
650 x 1070 x 660mm (WxHxD). The Tucson kettle grill is the perfect companion for real BBQ fun whether on warm summer nights or during the colder months. This grill includes features such as a removable ash collector or the...
Greenhouse Fumigator 3.5g
Insecticide smoke for greenhousesTreats a standard 8ft x 6ft greenhouseDoesn't leave an odour or visible deposits
Doff Slug & Snail Killer Pellets 800g
Doff Slug Killer Provides A Fast And Effective Control Of Slugs. It Is Supplied In A Unique Scatter Shaker Pack For Even Application Of Pellets. The Blue Mini Pellets Contain Bitrex To Reduce Attractiveness To Children And Pets. Suitable For...
Greenhouse Disinfectant 500ml
For use on glass, work surfaces, knives and toolsUse in greenhouses, garages, utility rooms and outbuildingsCleans ornamental pots and disinfects bird tablesContains permethrin
Doff Rose & Shrub Fertiliser 1.5kg
Doff Rose & Scrub Fertiliser 1.5kg Mature Enriched Fertiliser Ready To Use Carefully Balanced Rose Food Maintains Nutrients And Moisture In Soil For Strong Healthy Big Blooms Doff Rose & Shrub Feed Is Specially Formulated Containing Vital Ingredients To Promote...
Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart
60m Cart complete with 30m/50m of Hozelock multi-purpose hose. Including Threaded Tap Connector, Hose End Connectors and a Hose Nozzle for all gardening applicationsComes ready assembled allowing you to get straight to workRobust and durableNo more hose kinking and tangling...
from £49.99
Doff Lawn Seed Multi-Purpose 500g
Easy To Use Direct Sow Unique Magicoat Seeds Gives A Lush Green Colour Quickly
Doff Fish Blood and Bone
Multi Purpose And Organic-Based Plant Food For Use All Around The Garden. Ideal For Use With Fast-Growing Flowers, Vegetable And Fruit Crops. Encourages Strong And Healthy Root And Top Growth And Increased Plant Vigour. Promotes Rapid Establishment Of New Plants....
Green Basics Grow Table XXL Leaf Green
Made with recycled plastic, made with own wind energy, 100% recyclableThe table has an ideal working heightMatching vegetable grow house available to make your plants grow even fasterNo tools necessary, table is delivered in one pieceThe products are frost-resistant to...
Doff Bonemeal 2kg
Slow-Release Organic Fertiliser For Use All Around The Garden. For Use On Root Crops, Peas, Beans, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Peony, Gladioli And Deciduous Shrubs. Encourages Strong Root Growth And Healthy, Rapid Establishment Of New Plants.
Blood Fish & Bone 2.5kg
For strong growth and rich green foliagePromotes healthy root development and ripening of fruit and vegetables
BBQ Multi-tool
Six BBQ utensils in one. The BBQ Multi-Tool has every utensil you need in one handy fold-up device, making it the perfect portable companion for cooking on the go. Ideal for BBQ masters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the compact multi-tool...
Bonemeal 2.5kg
Encourages healthy root developmentIdeal for bulbs, herbaceous plants, shrubs, roses, fruit trees and strawberries
Patio Magic! 5L
Use on all hard outdoor surfaces.No scrubbing, just pour on and leave!
Green Up Lawn Care Feed & Weed (200 sq.m.)
Contains amino and humic acidsWith nutrients derived from organic sourcesNutrients are targeted directly at the roots
SBK Brushwood Killer 1L
Tough weedkiller which kills the roots to prevent regrowthFor nettles, docks, brambles and hardwood saplingsContains triclopyr
Doff Tomato Feed
High Potash Feed, Essential For Maximum Growth Of Tomatoes And Full-Flavoured Fruit With Added Seaweed And Magnesium For Healthy Plant Establishment Ideal For Feeding Tomatoes That Are Planted Outdoors And In Growbags Flowering Pot Plants Will Also Benefit From The...
Doff Multi-Purpose Plant Food 1kg
Doff Multi-Purpose Plant Food 1kg
£5.50 £4.99
Doff Multi-Purpose Liquid Feed 1lt
Doff® Multi-Purpose Feed Is A Concentrated Balanced Multi-Purpose Liquid Plant Feed, Suitable For All Plants Indoors, Outside And In The Greenhouse. This 1 Litre Bottle Features An Integral Measure And Makes Up To 466 Litres Of Fertiliser Which Can Be...
£3.50 £2.99
Doff Liquid Seaweed 1LT
Doff Liquid Seaweed Plant Growth Stimulant Is An Organic And Natural Plant Growth Stimulant Which Can Be Mixed With Other Soluble And Liquid Feeds For Use On Plants, Shrubs, Flowers And Vegetables. Used Regularly During The Growing Season It Can...
Doff Complete Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer
Kills Moss Feeds The Lawn Kills Weeds Results In A Thicker, Greener Lawn Covers Up To: 30m2 (1kg) 100m2 (3.2kg)
from £3.65
Swedish Torch (3 Pack)
Burns for over 2 hours Made from Kiln dried Beech Used for camping, outdoor cooking, festivals and fishing Ideal for holiday parks, campsites and caravan sites Easy to light firelighter Great for cosy evenings outdoors.  How to use: Remove the...
Pink Blend Decorative Stone (Builders Bag)
A mix of Pink and Dark colours of 20mm Decorative Gravel It will brighten up any driveway, footpath or landscaped area Builders Bag  
Heat Resistant Gloves
Safely tend to your fire or BBQ with these comfortable, elbow length protective gloves. The heavy knit of our Heat Resistant Gloves have been specifically designed for enhanced grip and maximum dexterity. The outer layer - a woven blend of...
Round Rattan Planter Lined Set of 2
Beautiful set of 2 rattan grey planters ideal for housing planters, lovely addition to your home. Measurements: Small - 29cm dia x 25cm Medium - 36cm dia x 30cm 
Universal Cleaning Kit
Ideal for BBQs, fire pits and stoves. Fully portable to ensure easy cleaning, with all the tools you need for an immaculate finish. The handy zip-up storage case keeps everything together ready for the next use and also makes the...
River Bed Pebbles Decorative Stone (Builders Bag)
15mm Rounded River Bed Gravel It will brighten up any driveway, footpath or landscaped area Builders Bag 
Sandstone Decorative Stone (Builders Bag)
20mm Sandstone Decorative Gravel A beautiful, angular gravel with cream and light brown colours It will brighten up any driveway, footpath or landscaped area Builders Bag
Bulk Bag of long-lasting Woodchip. A multi-purpose ground cover ideal for pathways, play areas or around trees. Long-lasting, low maintenance giving a natural finish Can also be used as a mulch
Large Rope Handled Round Rattan Planter Lined
Beautiful large rattan grey planters with rope handles ideal for housing planters, lovely addition to your home. Measurements: 55cm dia x 45cm
Lobster Picnic Bag
This lobster picnic bag is ideal for keeping your food and drink cool. This coastal design features a range of red lobsters and the occasional crab, ideal for trips to the beach and barbeques. Featuring extra-thick insulation and there is...
Lobster Lunch Bag
This lobster lunch bag is ideal for keeping your food and drink cool. This coastal design features a range of red lobsters and the occasional crab, ideal for trips to the beach and barbecues. 
Bees Bowling Picnic Bag
This pretty statement picnic bag in Bee design is perfect for keeping your food and drink cool and fresh when you head out for a picnic with the family. With a thick thermal insulation it is perfect for all occasions....
BBQ Apple Chips
Apple has a light, fruity, slightly sweet aroma and is commonly used with fish, pork and poultry. Using chips will last longer than shavings because they are bigger, resulting in a longer-lasting true bbq taste. Method Place the required amount...
Builders Sand
Soft Building Sand is a washed, finely graded sand and an essential building material.  It is easy to work with and use for making mortar, bricklaying or using for decorative paving.  It can also be used as Play Sand. Multipurpose Can...
Multi Purpose Compost (80 Litres)
80 Litre Multi Purpose Compost. Suitable for planting seeds, potting plants, etc. Can be added on to your Pallet Order. ADD 3 BAGS to your Pallet Order or available in quanties of 20 or 45 per pallet. IMPORTANT: Offer of 3...
from £12.00
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