Doff 2 in 1 Bug & Fungus Control 1L
Free from pesticides, for use on vegetables and flowers Controls Whitefly, Greenfly, Blackfly, Red Spidermite and Powdery Mildew Works by physical mode of action, so pests do not develop a resistance
Doff 2 in 1 Rose & Shrub Shield 1L
Free from pesticides, for use on ornamental plants Controls a wide range of bugs and fungus Works by physical mode of action, so pests do not develop a resistance
Doff Bonemeal 2kg
Slow-Release Organic Fertiliser For Use All Around The Garden. For Use On Root Crops, Peas, Beans, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Peony, Gladioli And Deciduous Shrubs. Encourages Strong Root Growth And Healthy, Rapid Establishment Of New Plants.
Doff Complete Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer
Kills Moss Feeds The Lawn Kills Weeds Results In A Thicker, Greener Lawn Covers Up To: 30m2 (1kg) 100m2 (3.2kg)
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Doff Fish Blood and Bone
Multi Purpose And Organic-Based Plant Food For Use All Around The Garden. Ideal For Use With Fast-Growing Flowers, Vegetable And Fruit Crops. Encourages Strong And Healthy Root And Top Growth And Increased Plant Vigour. Promotes Rapid Establishment Of New Plants....
Doff Fly & Wasp Killer 300ml
Effective fast-acting aerosol Kills flies, wasps and other flying insects For use in domestic premises Permethrin & Tetramethrin
Doff Foam Wasp Nest Kill
Rapid knockdown action Kills wasps in their nest Permethrin & Tetramethrin
Doff Lawn Seed Multi-Purpose 500g
Easy To Use Direct Sow Unique Magicoat Seeds Gives A Lush Green Colour Quickly
Doff Liquid Seaweed 1LT
Doff Liquid Seaweed Plant Growth Stimulant Is An Organic And Natural Plant Growth Stimulant Which Can Be Mixed With Other Soluble And Liquid Feeds For Use On Plants, Shrubs, Flowers And Vegetables. Used Regularly During The Growing Season It Can...
Doff Multi-Purpose Liquid Feed 1lt
Doff® Multi-Purpose Feed Is A Concentrated Balanced Multi-Purpose Liquid Plant Feed, Suitable For All Plants Indoors, Outside And In The Greenhouse. This 1 Litre Bottle Features An Integral Measure And Makes Up To 466 Litres Of Fertiliser Which Can Be...
Doff Rose & Shrub Fertiliser 1.5kg
Doff Rose & Scrub Fertiliser 1.5kg Mature Enriched Fertiliser Ready To Use Carefully Balanced Rose Food Maintains Nutrients And Moisture In Soil For Strong Healthy Big Blooms Doff Rose & Shrub Feed Is Specially Formulated Containing Vital Ingredients To Promote...
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Doff Slug & Snail Killer Pellets 800g
Suitable for Organic GardeningChildren & Pets need not be excluded from treated areasProvides long lasting control in wet weatherCan be applied around edible crops up to the day of harvestMADE IN THE UK - Contains Ferric Phosphate
Doff Spider & Insect Killer
Instant results Kills spiders and crawling insects Can be used as a repellent
Doff Tomato Feed
Doff Tomato Feed
High Potash Feed, Essential For Maximum Growth Of Tomatoes And Full-Flavoured Fruit With Added Seaweed And Magnesium For Healthy Plant Establishment Ideal For Feeding Tomatoes That Are Planted Outdoors And In Growbags Flowering Pot Plants Will Also Benefit From The...
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